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Extension case with retractable cover panel


The diverse range of applications of electronic assemblies and electronic devices requires flexible case designs with diverse functional properties. However, the integration of these electronic devices in a closed case is often problematic, as they are equipped with connectors, displays or switches on several sides and have to be fed through openings in the case wall or cover panels to the outside. In order to meet the growing demand for cases for such applications on the market, Fischer Elektronik offers two additional designs of different heights of the already existing GD case series now.

The U-shaped case profiles of the new GD 105 38 ... and GD 105 50 ... cases, which are open on one side, have integrated guide grooves for accommodating electronic devices or printed circuit boards as well as an insertable cover panel, which can be varied in its material thickness and thus in its stability. By mechanically processing the cover panels, various devices such as LCDs, connectors, etc. can be easily mounted and then pushed into the U-profile together. The cover panel is fixed in place by front and rear covers with internal shadow gaps, which not only compensate the manufacturing tolerances but also prevent the cover panel from bending. The special geometry of the aluminium profile makes it possible to accommodate membrane keyboards or front foils. The GD case series is available in eight different sizes, four lengths (100, 120, 160, 220 mm) and in the surface finishes "black" or "natural anodised" as standard. For sampling and the production of customised prototypes, the case profiles are also available in a length of 1000 mm. In addition to the standard designs, the cases can be mechanically processed, surface-treated and printed upon customer request.

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