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Miniature aluminium casings

The installation of electronic subassemblies into a casing presupposes conditions which meet the requirements of both the function and good design.

For this reason, Fischer Elektronik have developed the product line "Miniature aluminium casings" which complies with most of the requirements of such a type of casing.

The casings comprise two half shells made from aluminium sections. They are held together by a patented form of assembly geometry and form a tube which is fixed in position by screw-fastened front panels. Integral internal guidance grooves are suitable for accommodating PCBs.

Miniature aluminium casings are available in various designs, some of which have cooling fins on the outside. Dimensions in height, width, and depth on request.

In addition to the standard versions, all casings are available with various cut-outs, surface finishes, imprints and other types of processing. Casings to customers' specifications are also possible. Our product specialists will be pleased to give you any advice you may require.

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