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The leading manufacturer of heatsinks, thermal conductive materials, cases and connectors.
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Saving potential – Hints

For production we always need CAD files additionally to a fully dimensioned drawing (pdf or picture file) and all relevant information.

We are working with Autodesk Inventor and AutoCAD MD.

You can support us with a 3D model. We prefer *.stp but we can also work with ipt, igs, sldprt, asm and many more.

If you do not have 3D data, you can also send 2D data as a dxf or dwg file.

Saving potential:

If you support us with usable CAD files, the administrative costs for your order will be reduced (i.e. programming costs). By the way you can download the geometries of our profiles as a 2D or 3D file from our website for supporting your design / development. We will be pleased to assist you on this topic if you have any further questions.


CAD files can be used as the basis for CNC programmes, measurement programmes, drawings for milling-tools, drilling jigs and fixtures.

If the CAD data for the ordered article is available it can help to clear up uncertainties in the drawings and to avoid any further question. Due to this fact also machine downtimes can be avoided.

We are also pleased about any information concerning your ordered products with regards to the character, area of application, installation situation, etc.


We will always treat the information we have received confidentially.