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New heat dissipation solutions for DC/DC converters in 1/8-brick format


In the field of electronics, respective electronic components, DC/DC converters are also referred to colloquially and abbreviated as DC/DC converters. DC/DC converters convert a supplied DC input voltage (DC = Direct Current) into other voltage levels and depths or into negative voltages. DC/DC converters must always be used by the user where the supplied input voltage does not match the supply of the subsequent electronic components. Examples of applications for DC/DC converters are drive systems, switching power supplies, photovoltaic systems, I/O boards, PLC and process controls. The constant further development and increase in the efficiency of such converters inevitably leads to greater power loss, which is damaging the component in the long term and is directly converted into heat. Fischer Elektronik offers newly developed heatsink solutions in the SK DC 15 ... to SK DC 19 ... series specifically for reliable heat dissipation for DC/DC converters in the 1/8-brick format now. The five different heatsink designs are mechanically and thermally adapted to the available component sizes. They are mounted on the DC/DC converter by means of a hole geometry in the heatsink which corresponds to the mounting geometry in the converter. The heatsinks of the new SK DC... series are offered in different heights as standard with a black anodised surface. Omni-directional designs with an integrated pin-fin structure for the use in air flows or other mounting positions are offered and produced on request. For thermal contacting of the heatsinks on the DC/DC converter, Fischer Elektronik also offers suitable and very efficient thermal conductive materials. Additional mechanical processing of the heatsinks and the design of customised heat dissipation solutions are part of our core competence. The listed innovations of the new heat dissipation solutions for DC/DC converters in 1/8-brick format as well as all new products from Fischer Elektronik can also be found at

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