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High precision female headers 'Low Profile' for 0.635mm square pins in SMD design

Fischer Elektronik supplies with immediate effect 'low profile' surface mounted female headers (low overall height ) in one- and two-row design. These precision female headers are suitable for accommodating square pins between 0.55mm and 0.65mm and round pins with a diameter between 0.65mm and 0.85mm, and they are provided with a gold-plated 6-finger. spring. Capillary action during soldering is prevented by the closed contact shell. The insulation body consists of a plastic material with high temperature stability, suitable for SMT soldering processes. In one-row design, female headers have 4-20 contacts, in two-row design they have 4-40 contacts. For automatic assembly the headers are supplied with pick and place pads and bar magazines.

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